Mike Muir: I dont need to fight with other people

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Mike Muir Loudwire onterviewMike Muir, aka Cyco Miko, is a veteran rocker who has always done things his way. The release of his latest album, appropriately titled ‘The Mad Mad Muir Musical Tour (Part 1)’ makes fans of his bands Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves very happy.

‘The Mad Mad Muir Musical Tour’ is a 14 track compilation album features material from both Infectious Grooves and Suicidal Tendencies. The release includes appearances by Robert Trujillo (now with Metallica), Fletcher Dragge (Pennywise) and drummer Brooks Wackerman (currently with Bad Religion).

Loudwire recently caught up with Muir, who not only proves to be a passionate frontman but a dedicated family man, as well. He talks touring, the new album, stories from back in the day and his beloved children.


Baptizm by Skateboard

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Eric Moore and Dean Pleasants

Today we put in the moneybox of our Article section remarkable and immediate interview with Dean Pleasants and Eric Moore made in November 2010 by Chris Grosso a.k.a. The Indie Spiritualist (TIS).

Which came first, the skateboard or Suicidal Tendencies? While obviously the answer is the skateboard, it seems like Suicidal has been around for basically just as long. Shit, these guys even had a cameo in an episode of Miami Vice for God's sake (seriously!).

Suicidal recently headlined at show at The Palladium in Worcester, MA along with  Underdog, DRI & Cro-Mags, which was amazing! Before the show, I sat down with guitarist Dean Pleasants & drummer Eric Moore to talk shop on skateboarding, gangs, and much more.



Not to go backwards, but give them a kick in the ass to go forward

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MIke Muir Loud Magazine interview jan 2011 Despite not yet releasing their much-anticipated new album, 2010 was still a busy year for Los Angeles crossover icons Suicidal Tendencies. The band released both No Mercy Fool!/The Suicidal Family (a collection of re-recordings of early material) and the Live at the Olympic Auditorium DVD during that 12-month span, to the delight of their dedicated fan base. With the band due to return to Australia in May, I spoke to always intriguing, livewire frontman Mike Muir about the progress of their next record, touring, his thoughts on the Internet’s effect on the music industry, the current status of his funk metal project Infectious Grooves and much more.



Text: Brendan Crabb ( Magazine)




Five Favourites of Mike Muir

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Майк Мьюир 2010

I think all the people are in much interest of private life and private tought of their celebrities.  This fact is an explanation of yellow press mad popularity with all their "sucked from the finger" facts. But we are not the yellow press. We use only proven sources.

Next source we found in answers that Mike gave to  Metal Hammer in June 2010.

Words: Dom Lawson

Photo: Will Ireland




Mike Clark: Album is ready and soon will be released

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Text: Brendan Twist
Photo: David Hsu

(Actually, the original text of this interview was lost with Metal Edge Magazine site was closed in 2009. This is my pesonal interpretation of material, back from Russian to English, so I bring an apologies for my "Turkish English". Don't be too harsh)

So, what you guys were doing for the last six years?

Recordings. Some different records that I hope soon will be released. And you know we gathered the band, solid line-up. We've got some replacements in the band at the time.


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