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Makig of new video clip Cyco Style Here are some photos taken in a prcocess of shooting a footage for a new Suicidal Tendecies video clip. This event partially have taken place in Brazil with a support of And Brazilian eyewear company  
US 2012 Tour Promos STREET TEAM announced that PRE CD INSANITY TOUR 2012 Promos arrived. You can download hi-resolution promo right here and spread the word about Suicidal show all over your neighborhood. Besides, you can apply a special cover for your Facebook page or another social account.
Site Updates After the one and half year hiatus we're finally updating our fansite. Some of the previous sections are now unavailable, but soon there will appear some new ones. A few of innovations you can see right now, such as comments in news, articles, photo and video sections. Then, we added some social widgets and a guestbook. 


Mike Muir: I dont need to fight with other people

Mike Muir: I dont need to fight with other people
  Mike Muir, aka Cyco Miko, is a veteran rocker who has always done things his way. The release of his latest album, appropriately titled ‘The Mad Mad Muir Musical Tour (Part 1)’ makes...

Baptizm by Skateboard

Baptizm by Skateboard
Today we put in the moneybox of our Article section remarkable and immediate interview with Dean Pleasants and Eric Moore made in November 2010 by Chris Grosso a.k.a. The...

Not to go backwards, but give them a kick in the ass to go forward

Not to go backwards, but give them a kick in the ass to go forward
 Despite not yet releasing their much-anticipated new album, 2010 was still a busy year for Los Angeles crossover icons Suicidal Tendencies. The band released both No Mercy Fool!/The Suicidal Family...

Five Favourites of Mike Muir

Five Favourites of Mike Muir
I think all the people are in much interest of private life and private tought of their celebrities.  This fact is an explanation of yellow press mad popularity with all their "sucked from...

Mike Clark: Album is ready and soon will be released

Mike Clark: Album is ready and soon will be released
Text: Brendan Twist
Photo: David Hsu

(Actually, the original text of this interview was lost with Metal Edge Magazine site was closed in 2009. This is my pesonal interpretation of...
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In 1994 I had been working as hi-fi sales person in a popular shop in Novosibirsk. And one of my assosiates brought me Art Of Rebellion CD. I specially enjoyed cool band logo, but haven't listen to that CD, don't know why. A while later I have found AOR CD in a nearby music shop and I couldn't pass it by and of course I've bought it. I caught a great exciting feeling and been listening to it for a month or so. For that moment I was into brit-pop, post-punk, post-rock things et caetera, and Suicidal were like the doctor recipee, you know. 

Sergey Tolstikov


So, generally, two years ago I've found a CD in a shop on my local neighborhood in a "Rock" section. I asked an assistant what is up to, he said Suicidal is "Something alternative". Last year I've met a couple of Gemans here in Petersburg (we are in touch till now). One of them was skater, he's got a fliphat with "Suicidal Tendencies" on it. I found them on the internet, and still I'm into them.

Acid Drinker


My aquitance ofthe band began when I saw Institutionalized video clip, I enjoyed it very mucho. Then I listened to first "self-titled" album, then '99. Then in a couple of years I was into a whole Suicidal music.

Dmityi Tarasov


Four years ago I read an article about 'Clash of the Titans' 1991 tour, where the name of the band was on the bill along with Slayer and Megadeth. I wanted to listen to it then. The first Suicidal albums I found were  "Freedumb" and "Join the army". I like them both madly, and still I'm following the creativity of this truly unique band.

Vovan Sirenko


Circa 5 or 6 ago, close friend of my dad, an old judge of heavy music, gave me a sample disc with a lot of bands on it. For that moment I was into old-school punk such as Sex Pistols, Ramones, Toy Dolls and hardcore alternative bands like System Of A Down and Exploited. So, I've started to study the new groups on that disc (there were 1-2 albums of each one), listened 20 or so and I was about to go to hang out, but at the same moment I was suddenly attracted by a band named SUICIDAL TENDENCIES with their "Suicidal For Life". The first song was "No Bullshit". With each second right from the start of this song I have been fucked up and decided to dig a bit deeper. As far as I was listening to ST as more I was liking and ecxiting. with amused smile on my face. A few days later I met that dad's homie, who discover ST for me. "Now give me some more SUICIDAL" - that was the first I asked. He was like "I don't like them much, sorry man". And this is it, I was living far from capital, so at my place there was no ST in music shops, those assistants didn't even knew about them. I've listened "For Life" for about four month at a run, showing it to all of my friends, but you know, I have been fucking tired of it. But soon I was playing Tony Hawk's Skater Pro and figured out that fucking brilliant song soon I knew that it was Suicidal Tendencies "Institutionalized" cover played by Senses Fail. I remembered my first impressions 'bout ST and decided to find them out. So, I found them then.

Dima Zhidkov


Four years ago, I saw Beavis and Butthead series (seemed it was first season), properly there I found out Suicidal Tendencies first time. I saw Mike's cyco slamming and music was driving me a lot, but I did't knew what the band it was. Once I come to my sister, she live in Moscow. I hang out at music shops, looking for a music, took Dog Eat Dog CD and the shopman recommended me to take ST too. So, that was my aquitance.

Boris Antakanov


In 1997 my uncle gave me For Life cassette. I can't resist, so I'm into it from I was 13. Then I've got three Suicidal Tendencies import CDs: Suicidal For Life, Free Your Soul and Still Cyco After All. It all was sinking me like billy-oh! The most I like that each album is different from each other. They are permanently in my car with me, and so to speak, I listen to it with pride! Now I'm thinking to make ST tattoo either.

Angel's Eyes


Danil from Kirpitchi band gave a compilation CD with a bunch of cool music to my brother.  Institutionalized. music clip was among others. A couple of years later I come at Suicidal show and I was shocked and got totally crazy.

Sergei Vaulin








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